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Pyring and pyDes installers for the Nokia N8x0 tablet
BtGPS turns the Neo Freerunner into a Bluetooth GPS receiver
sms-sentry track the Neo Freerunner with an SMS
Bluetooth scripts for the Neo Freerunner
Power Center installers for the Neo Freerunner
Openmoko Neo Freerunner and Neo 1973 bike mount

Old Software


TuSSH is an SSH client for palm OS devices


VeoTransfer extends the Veo Traveler camera by exporting full size JPEG images to an expansion card. The images can then either be veiwed or emailed using external software.

Serial Logger

A RS232 serial data logger for Pocket PC 2002/2003


TungPix allows you to use a m500 PalmPix camera on a Palm Tungsten T or C


PixTransfer extends the palmpix camera by allowing you to view the full size images without a HotSync. PixTransfer will also send and receive the images as BMPs.

PalmPix Image Decoder

This is source code for the palmpix db. An improved version of this is in pilot-link


802.11b Networking
This is my 802.11b networking page. It has a couple of cards that I have hacked external antenna's onto.
Motorola / General Instruments DCT 2000 hacking
Information I have collected on the DCT 2000.

Companies I've had problems with

Forest River

Vehicle GPS navigation


802.11b links